Wander the ocean civilization and create an exclusive island!


Metaseaarea is an ocean blockchain metaverse and Bluestar will be our virtual social club!

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Most games in the market have complex systems. Although high revenue in the early stages of the game, as well as constantly upgrading systems, leaves players with a feeling of uniqueness and enjoyment. However, these feelings are short lived as the middle and late stages of the game are characterized by entangled structures leaving users lost doing onerous tasks. In the end, only player fatigue and chaos remain as the feelings of enjoyments are entirely missing.

MetaSeaarea is constantly doing subtraction, building the entire game with a simple system. The entanglement between the various systems is removed, and the game is no longer complicated. Clear goals will be set for players at each stage, allowing players to focus on various functions in the game. In the future, holders of MetaSeaarea tokens will have the right to participate in the "MetaSeaarea Governance Contract" and influence the process and decision-making of project development.


Here you can

Blue Star World is divided into public sea areas, private sea areas, and unknown sea areas. Different sea areas will face different amazing adventure experiences
Here you can Freemint murlocs or mermen to enter Bluestar
Blue Star's murlocs and mermen will form their own communities through social interaction, thereby establishing their own regional forces
Every regional faction will have the opportunity to become a guild in the ocean commons to get all kinds of fishing gear for free, which can be repaired and upgraded by metal
Fishing can get fish, metals, upgrade cards
Buildings can be built on the island, players can party together, and island owners can rent out

The Hokkaido fishery is located at the intersection of the Japanese warm current and the Qiandao cold current. Due to the difference in seawater density, the cold water with high density sinks and the warm water with low density rises, causing vertical agitation of the sea water and bringing the organic matter deposited on the seafloor to the sea surface. The seawater is disturbed, and the flooded seawater brings nutrients to the ocean surface, making plankton prosperous, and then providing abundant bait for fish, and fishery resources are abundant. Hokkaido fishery in Japan mainly produces salmon, pollock, Pacific herring and saury, which is one of the four major fisheries in the world.

North Sea

The North Sea fishing grounds are located at the confluence of the warm North Atlantic current and the icy waters from the Arctic Ocean going south. Cold and warm ocean currents meet to produce upwelling currents. In the upwelling area, the seawater continuously flows from the lower layer to the surface layer, and the decomposed organic matter and other nutrients in the lower layer of the seawater are also brought to the surface layer. Therefore, the water quality of this sea area is fertile, forming a high-yield fishing area in the North Sea. It is one of the four major fishing grounds in the world, with abundant fish production and various species, mainly herring, mackerel, cod and other fish.


The Newfoundland fishery is located in Canada, in the waters near Newfoundland Island in the Atlantic Ocean, at the intersection of the Gulf of Mexico warm current and the Labrador cold current. Proliferate here. Known as "walking ashore on the backs of cod fish in the water", it is one of the four major fishing grounds in the world.


There is a strong Peruvian cold current on the coast of Peru. Under the prevailing westerly and southeasterly winds, the surface seawater deviates from the coast and the lower layer of cold water overflows. This not only causes the water temperature to drop significantly, but more importantly, it brings a large amount of nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate. In addition, the coast is cloudy and foggy, and the sunshine is not strong, which is conducive to the large-scale reproduction of plankton along the coast. For cold-water fish, In particular, it provides extremely favorable conditions for the reproduction and growth of anchovy (like cold water below 20°C), making it one of the four major fisheries in the world.

North Sea
Leather spiny dolphin
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