Fishman NFT production manuscript

MetaSeaarea 2022/12/25

Hello friends of the Blue Star Club, Murloc NFT will start freemint in the second quarter of 2023.

The first Blue Star Murlocs are released based on Ethereum. Murloc NFTs are randomly generated from a variety of possible features, including eyes, top of the head, ears, fin accessories, mouth accessories, clothing, jaws, sharks, etc. . This random process guarantees the absolute uniqueness of each murloc.

All murlocs are cool by default, some murlocs have high rarity scores, epic is the rarest at 1%, and rare accounts for 14. Which is the rarest? Trust your intuition.

All murlocs are cast randomly. The first minting of Murlocs on Ethereum is Freemint. Murlocs cost the same to everyone, without any price tiers.

Fishman NFT Basic Information

  • Mint price: 0
  • Token name: ETH
  • Supply: 3000~5000
  • NFT level: Epic 1%, Rare 14%, Uncommon 29%, Common 56%
  • Pre-sale date: The second quarter of 2023
  • Mint Date: The second quarter of 2023
  • Public chain: Ethereum
  • OpenSea: