Fishman NFT Storyline

MetaSeaarea 2022/05/15

In the 23rd century, due to the melting of glaciers caused by global warming, 95% of the earth was covered by oceans, and the remaining 5% were islands or mountains at higher altitudes. The ecology of the whole world changed accordingly... People call this new era. For the "post sea area", the earth has also become a veritable blue star.

Such ecological changes have directly affected the civilization and living environment of the entire human beings. Once soil crops could no longer support human needs, they turned to marine agriculture. With the improvement of human adaptation to the marine ecology, human functions and bodies have gradually changed. Almost all have evolved the characteristics of marine life, some people have longer and longer feet to look like fins, some people have scale-like tissue on the skin, and some people have started to flatten their mouths.

People say they're more and more like fish, or in this day and age - murlocs.

Oceanographers describe murlocs this way: "The body of the murlocs is of a smooth texture, although the belly is white. Most of the body is shiny and slippery, and the body has humanoid features, but the head is fishy. There are obvious fins growing on it. Eyeballs are bulging, the nose is wide, and the teeth are sharp. Walking retains the habit of walking upright, but when you walk, you can tell that they are murlocs because they sway very much from side to side. When he speaks, his guttural voice is hoarse and rough."

The area where the murlocs first evolved was the unknown sea area. This area was the first to be impacted by the ocean. Due to the scarcity of ships and no land to support, humans must be used to living in the sea. Living in the sea for a long time made humans evolve quickly. fish characteristics. As the glaciers melted further and the oceans were further covered, humans in other regions also began to evolve into murlocs.