Blue Star Metaverse

MetaSeaarea 2022/05/12

In the 23rd century, due to the melting of glaciers caused by global warming, the ocean covers 95% of the earth, and the remaining 5% are islands or mountains at higher altitudes. The ecology of the whole world has changed accordingly...

People call this new era "post-ocean", and the earth has become a veritable blue star.

Blue Star's four major fishing grounds and three major sea areas

  • Hokkaido fishery in Japan: formed by the convergence of the cold Kuril current and the warm current of Japan
  • British North Sea fishing grounds: formed by the confluence of the warm North Atlantic current and the cold water going south of the Arctic Ocean
  • Newfoundland fishing grounds in Canada: formed by the confluence of the warm Gulf current and the cold Labrador current
  • Peru Peruvian fishery: formed by the convergence of the upwelling of the Peruvian cold current

Although the world ecology has changed, the temperature of the earth's atmosphere still affects the seasonal changes of the islands, and the changes of ocean currents still affect the fishery distribution of Blue Star; the ocean world is endless, and there are still more unknown areas waiting for you to challenge.

Public waters: High seas can obtain fish with the highest level of rare

Private sea area: If you want to get epic or higher fish, you need to enter the private sea area for fishing, and you need to pay a certain fee to enter the private sea area.

Unknown Seas: You need to take a boat to enter, and it is difficult to explore. Detected pirates may be robbed, with reduced earnings


Such ecological changes have directly affected the civilization and living environment of the entire human beings. Once soil crops could no longer support human needs, they turned to marine agriculture. With the improvement of human adaptation to the marine ecology, human functions and bodies have also changed, and almost all of them have evolved the characteristics of marine life. Some people's feet are getting longer and longer to look like fins, and some people have skin Scale-like tissue developed, and some people's mouths began to flatten.

People say they're more and more like fish, or in this day and age - murlocs.

Blue Star Club

Blue Star Club is a blockchain game universe that deeply combines NFT, DeFi and games to create a virtual ocean world full of surprises for users. Players can enter different sea areas for adventure, embark on the ocean dominance of conquering unknown civilizations, or start the leisure life of island owners. Our mission is to bring the ultimate gaming experience to our players.

The main source of income for Blue Star Club will come from game agreements and NFT sales. The core of these numbers will be our player base, and a complete and mature game economic model will ensure the long-term stable operation of the game. Players participate in the co-construction and governance of the game community, and deeply participate in the development of the game. Unlike most blockchain projects, the biggest holders of game tokens will not be our internal team, but all future players and organizations who contribute and support the Blue Star Club.