Private Island Introduction

MetaSeaarea 2022/05/10

The game background of MetaSeaArea is the 23rd century. Due to the melting of glaciers caused by global warming, the ocean covers 95% of the earth, and the remaining 5% are islands or mountains at higher altitudes. The ecology of the whole world changes accordingly. People call this brand new era "Yuanhai", and the earth has become a veritable blue star.

There are four major sea areas and a huge unknown sea area in MetaSeaArea's "Meta Sea" world. Players can choose to enter each sea area according to their ability and level to take risks and earn sufficient rewards. The four major sea areas are further divided into public sea areas and private sea areas, of which the private sea areas are owned by private islands, and the sea areas with a certain radius around the islands belong to the island owners.

Operation of a private island

1. Fish farming

Special fish species can be cultured in private fisheries. For example, if rare fish species are caught in high seas fisheries, they can be returned to private fisheries for breeding and breeding, consuming some breeding materials and producing higher-value fish products (such as larger size or Hybrid new fish species), high-value fish products can be used as NFT collections or sold on the market (subsequently, two categories of farmed/wild species can be distinguished, with different prices).

2. Fishing lease

The natural fish production in private fisheries is of a higher level than those in the high seas, and it is more difficult to catch. It is also possible to breed a designated single fish, and some special fish are only found in private fisheries. Ordinary players need to pay a certain fee to the owner of the fishery to enter the private fishery for fishing and fishing.

3. Salon/Party

The island can be freely decorated to create a unique private scene, which can be turned into a special theme park or a private luxury villa. You can rent it to other players for a certain period of time, hold a salon or party in it, and invite your friends or strangers to participate to meet everyone's social needs.

4. Overall rental

When the island owner no longer wants to continue operating, the ownership can be leased to other players for a fee. If the island is left unmanaged for a long time and gradually becomes a deserted island, the system will gradually open the permission to use the island for all users until the island owner recognizes it.

How to get a private island

There are few acquisition channels for islands, but they can bring huge passive benefits to players. The acquisition channels are as follows:

  • Early high-value players obtained from the private pre-sale round
  • The public offering round holds a certain number of tokens to obtain by lottery
  • Acquired by open sale reserve price auction